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No Buckle. No Buckle Rash.

Welcome to Musicians Belt

When it comes to musician apparel, nothing is more important than wearing something that protects both you and your instrument! While some musicians might consider buckle rash and belt marks the sign of a well-played guitar, or scars of "character" on their instruments, others may be looking for a solution. Want your guitar to hold its value? Avoid those marks and scratches! Keep your instrument flawless and preserve its finish with a buckleless belt!

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Musicians Belt
A&T Leather
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unique belts

Our unique belts have no exposed buckles, keeping your guitar, banjo, or other instrument out of harm's way from unsightly scratches! Not only will you get a really cool belt, we will provide you with a quality product made out of thick cowhide that contains no synthetic components. Each no scratch belt is hand-made and held securely in place with two metal prongs hidden on the back. Feel freer than ever to flail about the stage without worry of damaging your instrument! These truly are the best belts for musicians who are too busy making great music to worry about buckles, bruises, and abrasions! Choose from several leather belt designs in an assortment of colors - from plain to fancy! All of our belts are made in the USA.

Plain Belt 1-1/4” & 1-1/2”

Designed Belts 1-1/4” & 1-1/2”

Pay regular price for 28"-46" belts. Add $4.00 for 48" and larger.

FREE shipping with $50+ order (USA only)